The Surge

In Baghdad they are calling this latest operation “Operation Imposing Law” and Omar is already seeing positive developments. Yes, he still hears bombs, but he’s seeing neighbors returning home and businesses re-opening.
He’s particularly impressed with the liquor stores re-opening. They had been under constant threat.

Of course the reopening of two liquor stores is no big deal by itself when we are talking about a city where thousands of businesses are still shuttered. I regard this as a further positive sign of a change in Baghdad’s daily life. It means that those shopkeepers are leaving their fear behind, and openly ignoring the threats of militias and insurgents who once ruled the streets and intimidated the people with threats and violence.

The results of Operation “Imposing Law” are not magical. We didn’t expect them to be magical. The commanders didn’t claim they’d be when the Operation began. Still these latest developments are certainly promising. And let’s not forget that what has been achieved so far was achieved while many thousands of the new troops assigned to Baghdad are yet to arrive.

I do love hope.