The Speech

The President’s speech last night actually was very good and reminds us that he should not be allowed to wing his speeches at other times! lol
I liked the suggested new initiatives:
Urban homestead act
incentives for entrepeneours (sp?)
$5000 to help jobless

He agreed that government needs to do a better job especially as to how this reflects on what could happen if there was a terrorist attack someplace. (without good local leaders – my addition)

He noted that this was not a normal hurricane and so that in this instance, the federal government needed to take over. He is responsible for the problems and now for the solutions. Nice, upbeat. Making certain that the government is always ready to respond. I just hope this doesn’t end up with the govt. being able to take over if they “feel” things aren’t being done right due to tv.

2 thoughts on “The Speech

  1. Heaven help us if the MSM becomes our government! Mass hysteria over EVERY event, making it a million times worse than it is (25000 dead to 486, last number I saw, which will realistically be at least 1000 but NOT 25000!)

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