The price of examples

In my previous post I noted that the examples used concerning the housing crisis by the MSM have been idiotic. Just like the examples used during the SCHIP debate were idiotic.

Yes, there is a mortgage situation. Yes there is an uninsured health situation. However, by writing stories using specific single examples you degrade the problems. And you miss the beautiful forest for the one dying tree, as it were.

On the 23rd Excalibur’s Otto Pernotto posted about a story in the NYTimes by Elizabeth Rubin. (disclaimer: I haven’t read the story yet) Otto notes that Ms Rubin writes about a situation in Afghanistan where civilians and Americans were killed. She uses that one unit’s actions as an example of total military incompetence.

Here’s Otto:

This is one small unit action witnessed by one reporter and yet, this will be extrapolated to the greater incompetence of our military, to our impending defeat, to our blood thirstiness, to every modern military stereotype imaginable. What would have happened had there been a reporter at Kasserine Pass, or covering the bomber war over Europe in WWII and allowed to report the full nature of our losses? What about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the loss of over 800 men or the Battle at the Chosin Reservoir, or as the Marines called it, the Bloody Chosin?

Great post Otto. (even worthy of a Blackfive link!)
(I’ll read the link later today and update if needed)

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