The Poor – they must also be babies. Why else do they need such close supervision?

Why else would an entire city decide that they can no longer open up businesses that might actually succeed?

In LA they’ve passed a law that says new fast food outlets are banned for a year in South Central LA.
And in NYC they’ve passed a law that says chain restaurants (you know, the ones that poorer people go to) must note how many calories are in each meal.

Every fast food outlet I’ve gone to has alternatives to 1000 calorie meals on their menus. Why does LA think that having a new fast food restaurant in South Central LA will be bad for the health of the folks living there? How about if the fast food restaurant offers tons of jobs and is owned by a local? Wouldn’t that be healthy?

“Our communities have an extreme shortage of quality foods,” City Councilman Bernard Parks said.

This moratorium is supposed to attract other restaurants. Those that serve better foods. Maybe say like some French restaurant loaded with creams. Or a Chinese sit down restaurant and all their salt. Or maybe Mexican and their free chips. Or ?? Oh – he’s talking about a new tofu/veggie/wrap restaurant. Yes, “if you empty it (of fast food), they (vegetarians) will come”.

One thought on “The Poor – they must also be babies. Why else do they need such close supervision?

  1. This is just ridiculous. The huge chains are all that can probably afford the overhead and hiring, small mom and pops would already be there if it made financial sense- seems to be simple supply and demand. I don’ t think the govt needs to make every meal choice for us!! good grief. Does ANYONE think fast food is health food, really?

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