The Plan

Is working.
You know, the plan everyone says that Bush doesn’t have. The one described simply as “As the Iraqi’s stand up, we will stand down.”

Henry Kissinger prefers that we stay longer. He makes valid points but there are a lot of “ifs” here.

“The views of critics and administration spokesmen converge on the proposition that as Iraqi units are trained, they should replace U.S. forces — hence the controversy over which Iraqi units are in what state of readiness. But strategy based on substituting Iraqi for U.S. troops may result in perpetuating an unsatisfactory stalemate. Even assuming that the training proceeds as scheduled and produces units the equivalent of the U.S. forces being replaced — a highly dubious proposition — I would question the premise that American reductions should be in a linear relationship to Iraqi training. A design for simply maintaining the present security situation runs the risk of confirming the adage that guerrillas win if they do not lose.”

I suspect the Iraqi’s themselves can build up their own forces as time goes on and do this as needed. In the meantime, I suspect that as they become more confident, they will want us to go.