The Pesky Truth about Money

The truth is, you need money to keep a business going.
AND in this country the business gets to decide how much money. (for salaries, or profit, or supplies etc)

So when you start to require business to do something that costs money, the business gets to decide what to do about it to mitigate the situation.
Maybe they just go out of business.
Maybe they raise prices.
(as is going to happen when Obama starts requiring health insurance to cover gym membership for the obese)
Maybe they quit offering even the minimum.
(as is happening now when Obama has started requiring insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions in children)
[ht Ed Morrissey]

As Ed says:

This should be Econ 101, or at the least Insurance 101. However, it’s the problem that ObamaCare advocates not only refused to fix, they refuse to acknowledge.