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Thank you Matt Drudge for spreading this story of Obama in Iraq working hard to delay agreements between our governments. Wrong on so many levels, we’ll just call it evil.

Neoneocon talks of Ayer’s “educational reformer” status.

Thomas Sowell also.

Charles Krauthammer goes for the “Obama’s friends”

But associations are important

Ed Morrissey notes Obama’s latest idiotic tale (lie) of why he hung out with this guy who was “just a guy in my neighborhood”, who’s “kids went to school with my kids”, who was “on some board together”, who “held a fundraiser for me”, who now is ok to have as a friend because he thought Ayers was “rehabilitated”.
You’re right Ed,

That dog won’t hunt.

And then of course you can see anywhere Obama’s donations to the now notorious ACORN people.
As Joel Stein says, if you’re still undecided, don’t bother. You may have to hold your nose and vote for McCain but how a person can be undecided at this point is beyond me.
ps, I loved this quote of his regarding the dubious ACORN crap.

There’s a reason all the organizations trying to increase the number of voters are full of liberals. It’s because poor people, minorities, the undereducated and the young are the least likely to register; the higher the turnout among those groups, the better the Democrats do. The reason no one is trying to “Country Music the Vote” is because George Strait fans already vote.

And for your viewing pleasure, this Reason TV episode is on healthcare. It shows the real people that the intellectual elite like to a) excuse their behavior and b) take care of because it’s “needed” and c) sign up to vote because many will automatically go D.

One more thing today. I won’t link it but the NYTimes has yet another Palin vs the State Trooper story on it’s FRONT PAGE. Yet not an effing word about Obama/Ayers except to say that McCain is questioning the relationship.

Stay tuned for more Obamafiles because they are bound to load up.

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  1. Also on front page, a very small box letting readers know that buried inside the NYT is a story about Obama’s illegal campaign contributions. Would have thought that the actual story was worth putting on the front page!

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