The Obama Gaffe

Word on the street is that it’s going to disappear.
With the Washingtonian way of breaking bad news on a Friday, I wondered if the story would last until Monday and it looks like it has.

The Washington Post wrote about Clinton connecting Obama’s elitism with John Kerry’s and Al Gore’s. They note ‘the gaffe’ but only the religion and gun part. Not the antiimmigration/anti free trade parts.

William Kristol of the NYTimes gets those parts though.

Obama ascribes their anti-trade sentiment to economic frustration — as if there are no respectable arguments against more free-trade agreements. This is particularly cynical, since he himself has been making those arguments, exploiting and fanning this sentiment that he decries. Aren’t we then entitled to assume Obama’s opposition to Nafta and the Colombian trade pact is merely cynical pandering to frustrated Americans?

Then there’s what Obama calls “anti-immigrant sentiment.” Has Obama done anything to address it? It was John McCain, not Obama, who took political risks to try to resolve the issue of illegal immigration by putting his weight behind an attempt at immigration reform.


As for small-town Americans’ alleged “antipathy to people who aren’t like them”: During what Obama considers the terrible Clinton-Bush years of economic frustration, by any measurement of public opinion polling or observed behavior, Americans have become far more tolerant and respectful of minorities who are not “like them.” Surely Obama knows this. Was he simply flattering his wealthy San Francisco donors by casting aspersions on the idiocy of small-town life?

The WSJ makes it’s case too. However, it notes that the Clintons aren’t exactly who they used to be either.

In the end though, at this stage, I’m thinking that Aunt Aggie is right when she fake quotes Obama.

I’m handsome, I’m African-American, and you’re a typical white. End of discussion. So just get used to it America. I can say anything I want, NPR and the rest of the media will spin it into poignancy, authenticity, the New Way.

Powerline has a quip from the Audacity book of Obama reading that should make the guy unelectable on it’s own as he blames “white man’s greed” for the ills of the world. But it hasn’t.

As a side note, to get all the blogging done today in one post, let me note the “white man’s greed” in the current world food crisis.
Speigel is saying the following are the causes.

1 )The world population is growing constantly, while the amount of arable land is declining. (no white man’s greed here)

2) Climate change is causing a loss of agricultural land, irreversible in some cases, as a result of droughts, floods, storms and erosion. (since they wisely not use the term ‘warming’ here, I think we can fairly assume that climate ‘change’ is not due to white man’s greed)

3) Because of changing eating habits, more and more arable land and virgin forests are being turned into pasture for livestock. Pasture’s yield per acre in calories is substantially lower than that of arable land. (white man has been eating meat for years, we can only blame the poor folk here for thinking they should also be allowed to eat meat as they earn more money. right?)

4) The World Bank wants developing countries to introduce market reforms, including the abolition of protective tariffs, a move that often causes massive damage to local agriculture. (Maybe here is where the white man get’s blamed. )

5) Speculators are driving up the prices of raw materials. The resulting high oil price leads to “energy crops” being cultivated instead of grain for food or animal feed. (all done because of reason number 2’s worries)

6) Millions of people displaced by civil wars need food, and yet they themselves are no longer capable of producing food. (I think there are fewer civil wars now than in past times, so while this is a huge problem, I don’t think I’ll blame white man’s greed on this one.)

One of five…..
Yes Obama, White man’s greed has caused things to go so wrong that white men are bitter and anti nonwhiteman. My head hurts. How does he sleep?