The New Taliban

Getting to know the new Taliban.

Major Chris Belcher, the spokesman of the US armed forces in Afghanistan, accuses the new Taliban of unparalleled viciousness: “The younger generation is simply pushing aside the old leaders and dictating a new brutality, which includes arbitrary killing as much as it does the beheading of women.” The Americans have set a bounty of $200,000 (€135,000) for the capture of Siraj Haqqani.
In the meantime, the upstart leader has even challenged the authority of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, who has criticized the high civilian death toll during recent suicide bombings.

The new strongman, Baitullah Mehsud, apparently has no religious training at all yet will do anything in the name of jihad.

he Americans are now openly considering running their own covert operations in the tribal region, a plan Musharraf, a former soldier in his country’s special forces, finds amusing. “The United States seems to believe that it can do something that our army cannot,” he says. “This assessment is completely wrong.”

Frankly I suspect if we allowed in there openly, his assessment would be completely wrong.
We may not actually kill/capture the dude, but he wouldn’t be operating openly like now.

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