The Mighty Taliban

Do you all remember the “brutal Afghan winters” that US forces could never endure?

yeah – me either, but let’s stay focused here.

American North Shore Journal has a hilarious story of the mighty Taliban swarming into Kandahar. Or not.

From Time: They did
From Canadian forces: They didn’t
From the International Herald Tribune: They did
From Coalition forces: HUH? Where?

Please note the spin in the Time piece.

Hundreds of Taliban insurgents swarmed through a key district just outside the southern Afghan city of Kandahar on Monday, sending residents fleeing in anticipation of retaliation by NATO troops.

Those residents aren’t fleeing the gentle Taliban….no, no, no. They are running out of anticipation of retaliation by NATO.

(ht Instapundit who notes that these press releases by the Taliban are probably cheap for them to provide. And look how nicely they’re eaten.)

One thought on “The Mighty Taliban

  1. Would ya think our lefty press would LEARN that they are being manipulated by terrorists?
    They are supposed to be the liberal intelligencia that deems to talk to us, the unwashed stupid masses………

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