The melding of my mind re Palin

Tom Bevin has it wrong. As does Rick Davis and other big shots. They claim this election is “not about the issues”. It’s about personality and composite views of candidates.

Sarah Palin changed that.

It USED to be about personality/composites/change/hope, but now it’s about the issues.

How did that happen? Previous to Palin the election was a young hip cool black man from the left and oh yeah, McCain. He’s been in prison, right?
In the meantime we’ve had 8 years of one administration. After 6.5 years of any administration people are yearning for change. Obama fit that to a tee.

No one really knew him, but he wasn’t going to be 8 more years of a Clinton White House OR a white old guy White House. This was cool. Hillary worked on him though and word started to leak about who he was. Wright/Ayers/very little crossing over/very little change/same old politics/disrespectful of women. Little things, but they were adding up. It was too late for Clinton. [and may I add, thank goodness!! I, for one, do not want the Clintons anywhere near the White House!]

But he wasn’t ‘old white guy’.

Then McCain blew the media away with Palin. [yes, the blogs were astounded too, but we at least had heard of her and knew a bit!] Suddenly the media thinks it’s about women and affirmative action.

This would all have been entertaining if it were not such rank hypocrisy. These are people who have inveighed against affirmative action, a version of which undoubtedly played a part in this selection.

Here’s some news. Freely choosing a women who may not be the MOST qualified based on knowledge of foreign affairs does not equate to being for affirmative action. Affirmative actions says you MUST choose the woman/minority. McCain chose Palin because of what she can bring to the ticket. And no, he’s not a doof who thinks that women will just vote for women. He saw in Palin what most of us see. An outsider, similar to himself who is strong willed, a great speaker, quick on her feet, and with conservative values. Her being a woman added excitement to his campaign and shook things up. He didn’t do it because the law said he must. Sheesh.

By putting Palin on the ticket McCain has caused everyone to relook at everything. We the voters have awoken from out slumber and said, “Huh? What’s going on out here?”

How often have you heard that McCain votes with Bush 90% of the time? Two things…..1) Obama votes with his party [with lower approval ratings than Bush] 97% of the time. and 2) Here’s a news flash. It was Bush who was voting with McCain 90% of the time. Congress passes the laws. Bush signs them. Bush didn’t veto a single thing in his first term. Why? Congress was Republican. If the GOP wants these things, he’s going to sign them.

So yes, McCain is not a party insider. The party insiders couldn’t believe he made it to the top of the ticket. Part of McCain’s appeal is that he doesn’t follow party first. He puts his ideals first and many are not party line. We’ve all heard the GOPers mention that they will take a swig and pull the lever for McCain vs going in soberly.

Palin has people looking at McCain and judging him, not as the insider that the Dems were portraying him as, but as the guy he is.
Palin has the GOP re-looking at McCain as someone who can help revive actual conservatism by bringing this up and comer into the light.
Palin has people re-looking at Obama and his experience or lack there of.
Palin has people forgetting about Joe Biden because, yes, he’s another old white guy.

Here’s Arianna Huffington

George Bush has a disastrous record, and the country knows it. John McCain — the current one, not the one who vanished eight years ago — has no major disagreements with George Bush (and I’m sorry, wanting to fire Donald Rumsfeld a bit sooner doesn’t qualify) and wants to continue his incredibly unpopular policies for another four years. The solution? Enter Sarah Palin, a Trojan Moose carrying four more years of disaster.

I still am unsure about the Bush record. I thought the Dems were upset with Bush over torture/and Rumsfeld/and pre-emption/and cronyism. How has McCain supported any of that except the pre-emption bit, so how can she link him to Bush so tightly? The truth does prevail when it’s actually looked at.
Or as Ed Morrisey says

Obama is flailing, because he’s getting exposed.

ie – go ahead and bring up that Palin wanted the Bridge to NoWhere and then changed her mind. Obama actually voted for it! As did Biden. McCain didn’t!
Issues folks. Issues.

Ok, issues AND respect. The People aren’t idiots. E.J. Dionne Jr. seems to think we are though. In today’s column he straight out says that because McCain, Obama and Biden all made the news shows circuits this weekend but Palin didn’t that it proves Palin is unprepared for the Presidency.
Dear Mr. Dionne…..Palin was the governor of Alaska. She was not on any of the committee’s the others guys were on [sorry – running late or I’d look them up]. She WILL need to study up before going on national tv. Last weekend was the weekend directly after the Republican convention. Where Palin was a little busy. Dude – we know she’ll need a bit of tutoring. We’re happy to give her a week without assuming she’s an idiot.

And no Mr. Maher, we also don’t think that stewardesses are idiots. Respect, people. Have a bit, or you’ll keep blowing it for Obama.
Because right now – it CAN be about issues. We have excitement in both camps. Now focus media. The people are. Talk about pre-emption. Talk about healthcare. Talk about strategic oil preserves and energy and aerial wolf kills.

Palin did that for us. With a little media acknowledgment we can vote in the candidate who will best serve this country in the interests of who this country is right now.

UPDATE: Because this post isn’t too long yet.
I am not so naive as to think that the majority of people are focused on the “issues”, especially right now. However, by bringing equal excitement to the GOP ticket the majority of people have awoken out of their election year slumber to at least start looking around.
THAT my friends is a good thing. McCain/Palin have it made on the issues.

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  1. However you slice it, this election has more people involved and thinking and CARING than I have seen in my 40 plus years, and that is a great thing. Totally agree with you about Sarah…she’s just getting raked over the coals b/c she is Republican…the MSM would love her if she were a Dem.

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