The meanness of the supposed good guys

Lefty liberals are the nice ones, right.
They give to the children, do yoga and eat organic food.

So why the heck are UK lefties working so hard to screw up the plight of the poor African Farmer by disallowing the “organic label” due to the air transport to bring it into the UK?

I swear the African gets no breaks.
1) Someone convinces them that a good way to make money would be to farm oranically and sell to Europe.
2) So they change out everything in their farming system.
3) Then the dang buyers of their food want to change the rules of the organic label. They don’t want to make a new designation of ‘flown in food’ but to change the designation of organic to include ‘not flown in’.

How fair is that?
But no worries because in order for the flown in food to be designated as organic the nannystate of the UK will check out the source of the food and:

They(the buyer who wants the organic label) will have to show they are helping those communities develop, for example by building roads, or helping provide clean water or electricity.

Secondly, companies will have to show they are helping farmers reduce their dependence on UK markets.

Isn’t that nice?

I am listening to a book called “Break Through” by Michael Shellenberger, Ted Nordhaus. I haven’t gotten to the punchline yet and by listening I can’t check out sources, but so far so good. And so commensensical. (Though you do have to work around a bit of the antiBush rhetoric.) It essentially says the environmental movement is fighting the wrong battles. No one can focus on the environment until they’re done worried about the other things in their lives, you know, like food/housing. Things that those farmers in Ghana might think about.

Banning air freighted organic goods, according to Mr Abloh, would be “a disaster”. He says the difference the organic money has made to his community has been huge: “roads, electricity, hospitals”, and there is no other source of income.