The Latest Trump Outrage

OMG – the Hot Mic!!!! Lord help us all, Trump sounded just like a crass dude with narcissistic tendencies and a big need to advertise his penis.

I’m sorry – but who didn’t know this about him?

In the meantime the FBI has turned into yet another minor partner of the Democrat party along with the IRS. Who gives a crap about Trump and his mannerisms about women? He’s an old dude who sounds exactly how I would expect him to sound in private. (Dear Donald, I know you’ve already apologized, but please do NOT get hooked on this subject during the debate!!!)

Trump is crass. Clinton is a crook.
Trump thinks he’s awesome and above the norms of societal behavior because women (God forbid) throw themselves at rich men. Clinton is above the law and she thinks only her and her ilk are capable of running your life.
Trump sees some women as objects. Clinton likes to destroy women who have been raped by her husband. Seriously which is worse??

I hate this election but #neverhillary

ps – I am a single 53 yo woman. I recognize that I don’t match my demographic, but I checked with a few others to confirm I am not dissing my tribe and others agree with me.

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