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I have to say that I like reading stories about today’s “youths”. The NYTimes writes about the internet explosion in Iraq, particularly in the cafes. I know, I know, there’s no “news” here, but I’m easing back in!

Nearby, partially hidden by wood-paneled booths, were a dozen other young men staring intently at their screens, most chatting simultaneously on three or four different e-mail accounts. All of them were paying 1,500 dinars an hour ā€” about a dollar ā€” to escape the gray confines of Baghdad’s blasted walls for a while. Two heavyset men sat on a black faux-leather couch by the door, keeping a watchful eye on the street.

Three years ago, the Internet was virtually unknown in Iraq. Today, Baghdad has dozens of Internet cafes like ShreifiNet, which consists of three sparely decorated rooms with a total of 34 computers and a satellite dish on the roof. Most of the cafes also transmit wireless services to home Internet users in the surrounding area for a monthly fee; in parts of central Baghdad there are about 20 overlapping wireless networks.

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  1. Progress and Good News from Iraq! Good work Blogress. And I apologize for calling you a blogger for so long when apparently the proper term is “blogress”. ;0)
    Chrenkoff would be proud.

  2. Terri,

    You’ve got to write more commentary instead of just linking. When you do, it is great reading.

    Of course. that is just my opinion, Blogress.

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