The Immigration Bill

Maggie Gallagher I like her.

The American people are not racists. They don’t hate immigrants. They believe in the rule of law, yes. But there’s an even more basic issue raised by both the immigration bill and Paris Hilton’s untimely release: To whom does our government respond?

To the connected few? Or to us, the American people?

The pervasive sense of the American people is that our government – Democrat or Republican – is not responsive to us. The latest Rasmussen poll showed just 23 percent of Americans supported the Senate immigration legislation, while 50 percent were opposed. Pluralities of Republicans, Democrats, unaffiliated voters, male voters, female voters, older voters, younger voters, white voters and voters of colors all opposed the bill. (“When a bill has less popular support than the War in Iraq, it deserves to be defeated,” the Rasmussen report points out.)

Powerful bipartisan majorities of Americans have repeatedly told pollsters that our top priority in immigration is to reduce the illegal inflow and enforce the border. Rasmussen found that 72 percent of voters said it was “very important” for “the government to improve its enforcement of the borders.” Just 29 percent think it’s very important to address the legal status of people already here.

This doesn’t for a minute mean that I think we should be out of Iraq. We started that, we owe it to them to finish, no matter how fickle “we the people of the polls” are. So I suppose if you specifically believe that our federal govt has invited 12 million people here illegally, then yes, it’s our responsibility to fix it for them. I disagree with that assessment and instead believe our good economy/lifestyle has invited them in. That’s different.

4 thoughts on “The Immigration Bill

  1. I agree with you bloggress. And that is an interesting point of view about responsiveness to the people.

  2. I zealously support our troops in Iraq… except the ones coming up with plans like “lets arm the bad guys!” (

    Honestly, I’ve supported this conflict since 2003. When they do things like the above, I’m not sure how much longer I can support it. American lives are being spent in a noble cause, but the cause is being fought in ineffective and almost negligent ways. Someone has to answer for and correct that if we’re to remain there.

  3. Good points, but I’m not sure this is a bad idea. (arming Sunni tribes who agree to fight al-Qaeda)
    We are going to be out of Iraq. The voters here aren’t holding out much longer.
    Someone will need to be fighting al-Qaeda directly.
    We tried arming Sadr’s Shiite group but they ended up killing Sunni’s.
    Reasons why we supported Saddam/Sunnis vs Iran/Shiites…….
    In a large sense, we still do.

  4. I’m good with having spec ops funneling them weapons, I just really don’t like the idea of handing them over with six figures worth of troops in country. We also shouldn’t be shocked when they use the weapons in a manner we don’t want them to. I’m not sure we’ve ever given weapons to insurgent fighters and NOT have it bite us down the road.

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