The idiot’s guide to surviving w/o power

Instpundit links to this story on surviving w/o power.

Let’s see…their main advice? Don’t bother. Instead, move in with friends. Other great advice: don’t touch downed lines, read during daylight, catch up on sleep.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t realize that you need to eat the perishable goods before the canned goods, then you are incapable of surviving long.

I thought maybe there would be secret tricks. How to get in and out of your garage with no electricity or a great recipe for succatash out of every vegetable in the frig made by striking matches or something.

Good luck out there people.

One thought on “The idiot’s guide to surviving w/o power

  1. Given your post today, surely you realize that this was the level of advice needed by most of the population likely to be interviewed by the media?

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