The Hajj

Done with Mirros knows Omar who went last year if you are interested in a quick look at a first hand account.
This was funny regarding Americans:

Crowds were an issue everywhere, it seems. He told us how the pilgrims camped in groups, as they had traveled, based on ethnicity. And the best strategy was to perform the rituals in the same group, for the sake of strength in numbers and protection. Keep the women in the middle, the strong men on the leading edge. Don’t be afraid to use your elbows.

He said the Iranians and the “Chinese” (I’m guessing he meant Turkmens from western China) were particularly effective at this tactic. His group was all American Muslims, of course.

“We tried it, moving in a pack like that, but after a while everyone went his own way.”

Yep. Americans. God love us. Or Allah.