One thought on “The Gibson Interview

  1. I’ve seen the excerpts and read the full transcript and at least a dozen sites/news shows are saying if you like Palin before or hated her before, your opinion won’t change, if you are undecided, it won’t change your opinion. I’m not sure I agree. That she handled her self well, in the face of Professor Gibson (man I want to bitch slap the glasses from his face!) I think will help her.

    Overall, I think the Repubs are in a much better place than they were 2 weeks ago. But reading the obvious angst of Dem “strategists and pundits” I think is real as they are looking at polls and hell, just plain folk writing on their blogs like this, momentum has shifted.

    If the McCain Campaign started trotting out a new proposal, concept, or idea about every 2-3 three days while Obama and that angry train riding guy sputter “we’re taking the gloves off man!” about every 10 days, I think the campaign will be angled towards the old guy who can’t operate that new fangled word machine and the young gal who just made Tina Fey a millionaire, if she already wasn’t one.

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