The Gender vote

I read this entire article in the Washington Post entitled “Will Enough Men Stand By This Woman?” “Hillary Clinton’s Fight for the White House Reflects the Battle of the Sexes”

Wow – says I, are men and women really so shallow as to vote or not vote for her because she’s woman?

Um – no. At least not according to this article. They don’t have one single quote from someone saying..”No way am I voting for her. She’s a girl!”. (and I actually know at least one person who feels that way)

No, instead this article interviews numerous men who won’t vote for her because they have no idea what she stands for!!

That’s exactly why most people won’t vote for her.

If there is an unevenness of numbers, don’t write as if it’s just because she’s a woman. Find out how more women can trust her and yet men don’t.

2 thoughts on “The Gender vote

  1. It’s too bad she is representing “women”..I didn’t pick her for anything, ever, and doubtfully will….

  2. I too was surprised by how the article made the jump from ‘there is a difference in voting preferencs between men and women’ to ‘it HAS to be because men are sexist’!

    Many women have the same concerns (justified or not) as the ones cited by the men in the article..on issues such as her trustworthiness, her remaining with clinton just for political advantage.

    Feel free to visit my blog for my take on the article,

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