The Food Supply

I swear, if I could only wean myself off of frozen taquitos, I might end up eating all real food vs the imported food stuffs! From the NYTimes

“You have to realize,” said Professor Wenran Jiang at the University of Alberta, “China is going through a radical transformation and it’s hard to manage. The state just doesn’t have the expertise to keep up with these things.”

The problems here are compounded by strict controls over the media that keep the public in the dark about food and drug safety violations, experts say.

After the folks from the FDA noted how cooperative the Chinese were with the pet food investigations, they also noted this:

But last week F.D.A. officials acknowledged that agency investigators had no opportunity to carry out their own work here. The Chinese government had already done it.

“We visited the two facilities but there’s essentially nothing to be found in that they are currently closed down, not operating,” Walter Batts, an F.D.A. official, said during a recent news conference.

United States investigators were not allowed to interview the managers of the Chinese pet feed companies accused of violations, even though they were being held in detention centers.


Chinese trade is HUGE in this country. We’re not going to be giving it up through the government. The FDA is even sucking up.

note: I have no idea where the food stuff in taquitos comes from. Honestly I’m not even sure it’s actually food! Interesting times.

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  1. Farmer’s Market Here I Come! Yikes.
    Plus a little container gardening. I know we grow tons of peppers here (not yet in the season, of course) but I noticed some came from CANADA the other day. I haven’t been to Canada, but my intestines have? Can I come over and try some taquitos?

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