The Fires

Watch this very cool timelapse from the Harris fire.

Today in the LATimes, Steve Lopez makes some Katrina comparisons. (Though by his title-Katrina comparisons are a different class of wrong- you’d think he was NOT making comparisons) I’m not at all clear why. His whole column goes on about how San Diegans think they’re better than Louisianans because they’ve handled this catastrophe better and ends with Michael Chertoff noting the Federal govt has had a couple of years to prepare so things went well.

So instead of giving SDiegans any credit, Mr. Lopez gives it all to the Feds based on this statement. ??

What exactly has the federal govt done better here??

In reality these two big bad events are on completely different planes.
Hurricane Katrina took out a lot and many communities came out fine, so you can’t compare “southerners” to “Californians” in their neighborliness. New Orleans yes had bad local govt. And high crime rates. They also had a rental economy, AND they were dealing with a flood vs fire. If you discount all the personal things (the Governor wanting to prove she could handle this alone, or people who felt they needed to stay home to protect their homes from looters) Those waters didn’t go away in just 1/2 an hour as they moved on through.

The evacuees were stuck where they were in New Orleans in that stadium. Most people who chose to stay behind lived and needed rescuing vs the few in SD who burned to death so no resue needed or survived, stood up and either stayed home or walked out.

The media might have learned a lesson or two about spreading ridiculous rumors. But they also had better access to people vs standing in a dry spot waiting for “news” to come their way.

Seriously – what did the Federal govt do so differently this time Mr. Chertoff that made the difference? I want to know so I’ll know what to expect in the future.

Very odd column.