The Feminist Movement

Today we see the last (I hope) explanation of what exactly it means to be a feminist. Brought to you by “official” feminists, not just generic women.

Feminists are not just women who believe in equal opportunity along with generally similar pay for the same job. No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong.

Feminists believe in abortion. They believe in government programs designed to finance women’s issues [whatever they are]. They believe in sex outside of marriage. They believe the George W. Bush years were a disaster. Oh – and they believe that looking beautiful [in the conventional way] is not a feminist idea. And adjusting your own body with surgery to suit you? Nyet. (though I suspect a sex change operation would be allowed in the following author’s world)

How do I know? Because Katha Pollitt says so.
Regarding what some are trying to make the “new feminism” where women can be who they are:

For them feminism is women having the freedom to make choices. That is not an easy fit because someone like Sarah Palin will come along who is making a bunch of choices that to a feminist [I assume “real” feminist] are really terrible. How do you deal with that?

Good Lord. The last time women were stuck into the whole of other people’s definitions there was a revolution. Maybe it’s time once again. I swear I even am thinking of voting for the “personhood” of an embryo here in Colorado just to stick it these women.

Let’s move on to another problem here. Particularly for women like me who are drop dead gorgeous. (play along)
Apparently we can NEVER be taken seriously because some dude wants to “do” us. Which means conversely that because some dude wants to have sex with you he CANNOT be taken seriously!!!

That leaves the world to the unattractive women by default. But since they have so little in common with me I can’t imagine they’ll govern my way.

After noting how McCain clearly picked Palin because he was a bit “smitten” with the idea of a beautiful woman talking him up and NOT because of her great political skills and aptitude with people, Kathleen Parker notes this:

If McCain, rightful heir to the presidency, loses to Obama, history undoubtedly will note that he was defeated at least in part by his own besotted impulse to discount the future. If he wins, he must be credited with having correctly calculated nature’s power to befuddle.

Let’s vet this ending.
-“rightful heir to the presidency”, based on what? GOP poll numbers? Bush’s favorability ratings? How well McCain did in 2000?
-“history undoubtedly”……I suspect history won’t even mention McCain if Obama wins. It’ll be all Obama all the time.
-“discount the future”…..yeah, just wait until 2012 and see where you are Ms Parker and see where Palin is.
-“nature’s power to befuddle” by using a beautiful woman.

See what I mean? A beautiful woman can never get ahead with people claiming it’s only because she’s beautiful. Ms Parker even notes the science of it, so you can be sure!