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While Obama vows to “change the world” (not sure in what ways, but based on the rest of this post, it may have to do with rebuking all opinions except his own),

“I promise you. We won’t just win New Hampshire. We will win this election and, you and I together, we’re going to change the country and change the world.”

Joe the Plumber is treated as if his opinion is worthless by the NYTimes who is the one asking for his opinion.

Meanwhile, Joe was happily standing in his front yard, holding forth to the assembled national news media on his theories about everything from Social Security (bad) to the war in Iraq (good). And do not condemn him, people, unless you imagine that if all the cable television reporters in the world were in your driveway, begging for your opinion on the state of the nation, you would say: “No, I leave that to the experts.” [actually she means “she would say” or else she means “you should say”, not sure which]

You should, however, understand that once the interview is over, the reporters will go down the street and ask the sanitation man whether you’ve ever failed to recycle.

?? huh ??

I am getting more and more burned up about Joe. We all have opinions. Or rather, thinking people have opinions. Read the comments in this article about McCain calling Joe.

They are ridiculously dissing Joe and discussing how much Obama’s plan will save Joe money. Joe doesn’t give a shit. He asked a simple question. Had Obama said, “Oh no, I’ll be sending you a rebate check” instead of “I think it’s good to spread the wealth around”, Joe would still be on the national news because he doesn’t want the rebate check that in actuality is someone else’s money!!!!!

Mark Steyn puts it this way:

A township that digs its own wells and plows its own roads is less susceptible to the beguiling notion that everything necessary in life is a mysterious “government service” to be provided by faceless bureaucrats far away.

Joe knows that. He doesn’t want your money. He has his own. His personal life is his own. All he did was ask a question. Obama screwed up with his answer so now the world is taking it out on Joe. Joe has opinions. If you’re going to ask, he’s going to give them to you. If you don’t think they matter, quit asking!!

I love Joe and I love this country that Joe sees.

3 thoughts on “The Election – Opinions – Joe

  1. I heard a radio commerical yesteday for Obama that mentions Bill Ayers as an English professer and Obama was 8 when he did his acts. That can only mean their internal polling says the subject is taking it’s toll, why else bring it up?

    As for Joe, remember all the hysteria over Pres. Bush going into your library and finding out the books you’ve read? I’ve never seen an actual instance cited. Now we have a guy minding his business in his yard and he’s savaged mercilesly by the MSM and Obama campaign.

    and who are the real thugs?

  2. Hey TG, please send me an e-mail, I don’t have yours i’m on the road, I’ve got a guest post for you that you’ll like

  3. Can’t believe Obama has everyone so brainwashed, especially the media that used to be so interested in ripping everyone apart…..the Clinton’s didn’t have the media this well trained, makes me think Obama’s folks ARE the mafia.

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