The Election and Race

This article in Spiegel made me laugh this morning.

It starts out discussing/explaining the “Bradley Effect” and how maybe it will come to be known as the “Obama Effect” as voters tell pollsters one thing, but then racistly choose the white candidate.

THEN it goes on to explain how

A significant segment of ordinary, middle-class Democrats, especially blue-collar workers and retirees, vote along racial and ethnic lines.

Ok – if the Bradley effect is taking place, then how the heck does he know who’s voting along racial and ethnic lines??

Now let’s move over to David Brook’s piece this morning. In it he speaks of demographics and particularly the “new” demographics dividing the educated vs the less educated.

We can all play the parlor game of trying to figure out why Obama, a Harvard Law grad, resonates with the more educated while Clinton, a Yale Law grad, resonates with the less educated.

He has a whole column on the subject without mentioning the multidemographic of black people.

Click here for a little graph showing the education level of blacks vs all of the US.

I’m not so naive to think that demographics don’t matter, but come on…..if you’re going to interpret the news, give us a well rounded interpretation. Isn’t rural vs urban the more common demographic theme than educated vs less educated?