The Election

Obama is not necessarily going to win this. People need to start realizing this.

Susan Estrich is realizing it. She gives her 3 reasons to worry.

1- We’re “clearly a racist nation” who may not vote for a black man. ( I won’t even bother to answer this insult but I am tired of being called racist for not choosing this black man over McCain)

2-This should be a “Democrat” year. Big time. Based on Bush’s approval ratings and all the bad things happening. (She should really check out congress’s approval ratings and remember that American’s LIKE a split government that has a hard time getting things done. It’s safer that way.)

3-McCain is not a good candidate because he’s so old/has such a temper/is not loved by the GOP/has marriage and rumor problems and a bad campaign. (This is why McCain is a good candidate during an election where the right is in big trouble.)

Conclusion – we don’t know enough about Obama in spite of the great media coverage. Huh?

So how can Newsweek have the race at a dead heat? How come, even in the polls where Obama is leading, his lead is in single digits? Is it that people still don’t know enough about him? No candidate in my lifetime has ever gotten better press coverage, more adoration from the media. Being attacked by Jesse Jackson is a gift of major proportions. Maybe it just hasn’t showed up yet in the numbers. Maybe race is a bigger factor than people want to admit. Maybe people just need to be convinced on the experience front. But whatever it is, Democrats should take note. It should be a Democratic year, but that is no guarantee that it will be one.

People are going to be surprised, but the thing Susan doesn’t see is that the MORE we learn of Obama, the less he is liked. It has nothing to do with his race. It has nothing to do with McCain. It has to do with his ideas. Which are what????

Americans like good people. The cowboy image lives on as a good icon of someone who stands up against injustice, is loyal, is willing to be the bad guy, who has ideals and who thinks well of others.

Obama isn’t that man. We don’t know what he stands for because he keeps changing depending upon who he’s talking to. He’s working on clearing out his old versions of himself to keep up with the new. He isn’t loyal to people he vowed to be loyal to. He doesn’t think well of the American people and his sense of entitlement makes me think he doesn’t know much of injustice.

I tend to look at candidates, see which one I agree with the most and then vote for the “better person”. McCain is the better person in this election.

The Anchoress notes the media fawning over Obama and how that isn’t helping. All its doing is creating a monster Obama who believes his press.

When the press’ favoritism (and extreme ardor) is this overt, that has a tendency to put a bad taste in the mouths of people who were tuning in and hoping for something more substantive than “Evening Rockin’ News With How’d-He-Get-So Great Obama 24/7!”

Everyone needs a leveler. Someone go help this guy out! He may end up being the President.

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  1. Great post! I think the Obama adoration is nauseating! Talk facts and positions, not “change, change, and then change the change”

  2. I haven’t watched the “JibJab” video yet, but caught a glimpse on a news channel: Obama riding a unicorn with rainbows everywhere was spot on!

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