The Election

I would be remiss if I didn’t have these two stories on the blog today.

1. Captain Ed (over at Hot Air now) concerning the Gloria Steinman speech all over today, notes:

Ed adds: Hillary Clinton has five years on the Armed Services Committee, less than a quarter of the tenure of John McCain, who has been on the panel since 1987. Not only has she never served in the military, neither did her husband, on whose administration she supposedly soaked up all of this military readiness. In terms of strategic experience, which is what the ASC addresses, McCain runs laps around Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, it’s not as if John McCain sat silently in the Senate on foreign policy and national security issues. As he notes sometimes ad nauseam, McCain came out early to demand a change in post-invasion strategy and tactics in Iraq. He understood that the nature of the conflict had changed to a counterinsurgency and foresaw the strategy necessary to conduct it.

What did Hillary Clinton do to show her prowess at military leadership? She called General David Petraeus a liar to his face when he reported the improvements in Iraq. To date, she has refused to apologize for it, despite Petraeus being proven correct in the sharp drop in violence and the return of normalcy to Anbar and Baghdad. That kind of treatment certainly signals something to current military commanders, but not the kind of leadership in which they can have confidence.

2. And Mick at Uncorrelated concerning the Wes Clarke speech all over the net today notes:

He’s absolutely right, (concerning Clarke’s quote that serving as a fighter pilot doesn’t make you experienced enough for CinC)except of course that John McCain is not representing his flight leader experience as qualification for commander-in-chief, and Clarke knows that, but hopes you don’t. That’s a pretty safe bet if you are talking to leftie bloggers who either won’t point out the big lie you just told, or are too uninformed to notice.

McCain has decades of education, experience and contacts. You’d have to go back to Teddy Roosevelt to find a peer in terms of foreign policy and military affairs. As anybody who read this blog with any regularity knows, I’m not McCainiac, but give the man his due–he is eminently prepared to be commander-in-chief.

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