The Election

This story in the Boston Globe had me chuckling.

It’s a story about how feminists are “vexed” by Hillary’s struggles in this election.
It mostly talks of sexism and what a woman need to do to get ahead in politics.

Here are a few key quotes:

“I do think at some level there is a Catch-22 for women” running for president, said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women and a Clinton supporter. “Showing your heart has never been a plus for high-achieving women.”


“She is being punished in a certain way for being competent and not jazzy. If he were female, with his credentials, age, and track record, I don’t think he’d be anywhere near the presidency of the United States,” Burk said.


Female candidates for all elective offices face the conundrum of having to appear strong and confident without looking unfeminine, according to specialists on women and politics.

And my favorite:

“This whole thing, that women have to be smarter than men, more articulate than men, better on foreign policy, less emotional, all those crazy things. Finally you have a candidate who’s basically done that,” Fenn said, and yet Obama’s sizzle is competing mightily with her steak.

The article goes one like this and relates it all to Hillary. Is America ready for a woman President? Uh, sure. But it’s

this woman the election is about. Take note. Hillary has baggage up the yinyang. And even if she didn’t I’m not certain Amercans want to see a Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton legacy in this country. Talk to people oh ye reporters!!!!

Folks aren’t not voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. They aren’t voting for her because of who she is!

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