The Easter Season

David Warren (via Bloodthirsty Liberal) today suggests a test of courageousness that makes sense to me.

The betting on Judas was, as usual in recent years, fairly heavy. The Lenten season was itself kicked off with The Lost Tomb of Jesus, about which I wrote at the time: a truly miserable attack on the Christian faithful, by filmmakers out to maket their thirty bags of cash. We’ve had the full frontal chocolate Jesus from the art world; and Barack Obama dressed as Jesus in another statue. We’ve had the usual Church of England gay cleric, the Rev. Jeffrey John, announcing that the Resurrection did not happen, and implying that if the Crucifixion did, God must have psychopathic tendencies. We’ve had Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and a few more “media atheists” take their best seasonal shots. I get all this from the papers.

In passing, a point others have made, but I will repeat. Let us challenge every media outlet that has brought these little snippets of attempted blasphemy into our living rooms to try it on the Muslims for Ramadan. Alternatively, let them admit that they are cowardly abject self-serving hypocrites, and go wash.

Go read the whole thing.

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  1. Great link! Thanks…but when will our media be taken to task for a lot of their blasphemy?

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