The Democrats

They had their big debate last night which Vodkapundit conveniently drunk blogged.
[Tangent: I’m not poor, just cheap, so I don’t bother having cable tv. Can you explain why the big debates particularly in the party of the poor are only to be found on cable?]

Vodka’s best line:

7:07pm I’ve gotten a lot of jokes out of these debates, both Democrat and Republican. But tonight, in just five minutes of foreign policy talk, the Democrats have me scared.

Do read it. That debate turned him off of both Democrats in this election.

So then overseas at Spiegel we have a piece on “The End of the Obama Revolution”. Hm…..
It’s a pretty good article and from a European perspective so it talks a bit about why they like him so much.

Many in Europe would like nothing more than a “European” America. A former community organizer from Chicago seems to be the ideal candidate for all countries, especially Germany, in which public servants shape politics. Obama personifies Europe’s hopes for a modern America: black, socially minded and gentle.

But this article ends by noting that Clinton will probably win the nomination based on the author’s observations.

Clinton told her audience about the hard work waiting for her in the White House, about responsibility and about her view of herself as a problem-solver. No one cheered, no one jumped up from her seat and there were no choruses of approval. But the women nodded quietly in response to Clinton’s words. They didn’t seem fired up, but they did feel understood.

Watching the group, I realized that perhaps this election isn’t about visions at all, but about something even bigger: trust.

Read that again. (I know you didn’t, because I don’t often read the quotes!)
Trust. That’s why this author thinks Clinton will win.

For their benefit I’m going to remind Europe that the Democrats nominated John Kerry to run for President last time. Why? Because they like him or trust him or thought he’d be great? Nope. They nominated him because they thought he could win. And Democrats are so paranoid they aren’t really willing to go out on a limb here.

They pick the safe candidate. Hillary has seemed destined for years now. They will go with her. EVEN THOUGH polls are showing that Obama right now is leading the Republicans more than Hillary is.

They will both be easy to fight due to their histories. Hillary will be the meaner dog in the fight, yes. I’m not ready to say that will translate into a win though. A lot of people pay no attention and just vote. A lot of people have had enough of the Clintons no matter how “well” they fight.

We’ll have to see how the Republican transforms himself over the next months. (and who knows who that will be)

A friend who likes Randi Rhodes has me listening to Air America again just for the argument’s sake. Randi thinks that Bill Clinton has been baiting Obama so much in order to raise the conflict level between him and Hillary so much that the only way to unite the party will be to ask Obama to be VP. She will have no choice and then they will have their winning ticket.

Yeah – we’ll see.
Listening to Randi Rhodes so you don’t have to.

ps Captain Ed was good today too as was “The Bill Factor” from Rich Lowry in the NYPost.

3 thoughts on “The Democrats

  1. I watched. One the one hand, these people are terrifying, on the other, I’ve long felt that Democratic Candidates tend to hide their collectivist impulses because they feel it doesn’t sell (cf, Sen. John Kerry).

    These three are laying it out. If America wants to elect a Mommy or Daddy to be President and to take over our whole lives, at least we were warned.

    (I could mail you a DVD if you can’t get enough of it on YouTube). You’ll be pleading for waterboarding.

  2. Wow – I admire your guts.

    I suspect the snippets I’ve been hearing are enough to get the idea of who I want to “take care of me” vs listening to the whole thing.

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