The Democrat’s debate Jan 2008 edition

A couple things to note.
1-Obama, Clinton and Edwards would all go ahead and attack Pakistan in order to bring in Osama. Though Hillary would make certain that the Pakistani’s understand that it’s us and not India sending in the missiles.

Um, ok.

2- When you think of history and all the changes that took place when inspiration was needed, when change was called for or when action was required, I suspect you too think of the “hard work” vs the inspiring rhetoric. Right? Yeah, me either. This is what Hillary said:

“Making change is not about what you believe,” she said. “It’s not about a speech you make. It is about working hard.” And in a direct attack on Mr. Obama’s theme of inspiring hope in Americans — and perhaps on Mr. Edwards’s many promises of reforming government — she said, “We don’t need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delivered.”

This chick doesn’t know people at all does she?
Also can I note that she kept describing herself as an agent of change (vs Obama) without once ever saying what she has done as far as “change” is concerned. Anyone know?

3-George Will has a very good column on these folks. Ending with:

Barack Obama, who might be mercifully closing the Clinton parenthesis, is refreshingly cerebral amid this recrudescence of the paranoid style in American politics. He is the un-Edwards and un-Huckabee – an adult aiming to reform the real world rather than an adolescent fantasizing mock-heroic “fights” against fictitious villains in a left-wing cartoon version of this country.

ps- I read a very good column on Obama in yesterdays local paper. I need to fish it out of the bin to find a link to it. So come back later.

UPDATE: Here’s that column by Charles Peters concerning Obama’s “experience”.

Since most of Obama’s legislation was enacted in Illinois, most of the evidence is found there — and it has been largely ignored by the media in a kind of Washington snobbery that assumes state legislatures are not to be taken seriously.

Also Stephen Green once again has a great live blog of the debates. Key quotes:

7:39pm I’d like to propose a deal. Presidential candidates will stop talking about replacing oil with some magical technology, and I’ll stop talking about my 13-inch penis. Enough internet myths already, folks.
8:10pm Edwards: “If I were President, and knew were bin Laden was, I’d go get him.” Which is like me saying, “If I were John Holmes and had a 13-inch penis, I’d be nailing a lot more porn starlets.” The first two parts are wishful thinking, making the third part unlikely in the extreme. And, sorry, I know I promised to stop talking about my giant penis.
9:00pm Did you know that Hillary has experience? Experience with change? Change that only her experience, her experience with change, can bring about? And that she’s a woman, a woman bringing change with her experience of womanness? Yeah, me neither.
9:18pm Clinton says that, “change is hard, but change is possible.” Provided, of course, that you have womanly experience with change.