The Debt

Due to the shutdown, which I never thought should have happened, “everything” is getting wrapped into Republican shutdown.

Here’s a bit about the debt ceiling that might have been a smarter route to take. But no.

Republicans perhaps could have exposed the great default hoax if the debt limit issue had not been intertwined with the government shutdown. Now the Republicans are not in much of a position to try to explain anything. Still, it is easy to see what they should have done, and perhaps should still do. The projected deficit for FY 2014 is, I believe, around $600 billion. So the Republican House should vote to increase the debt limit by, say, $300 billion. That will give the administration plenty of leeway to “pay our bills.” There will be plenty of time to prioritize spending and decide what should be cut. The cut–some is just forgoing an increase, but some will be actual cuts–is the other $300 billion.

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