The Debate

Wow – I made it. Just under the gun.
Am borrowing a computer. We’ll see how long this laast. It feels funny.

q1 on the bailout.
Biden – about the middle class and oversight.
Palen – sounds good actually. reaching out. Fed Govt not provided oversight. Same thing, but with soccer examples. GOOD 2 yrs ago McCain offerred reform.

Biden – reached across the aisle. Now back on the “McCain said our economy is strong”‘ Palen gives the right answer and responds directly to Biden. Good move.
Palen has the track record of reform. Notes Obama’s votes along party line. She doesn’t sound like the school marm which can be annoying sometimes. I like the “all due respect” Take over the change theme.
Good move Palen.

q2 What would you do as VP? Unanswered

Q3 Who’s fault.
Palen blames Wallstreet. Not quite the honest answer I would like to see, but probably a good answer none the less for public show. Ooh – THEN she recommends personal responsibility. Good one. Lessons learned.

Biden – tries to let Obama take credit for the idea of regulating to fix this problem that came, while McCain was saying de-regulating. Probably a good answer for this side. Tax relief for middle class.

Palen goes to the taxes and govt becoming more efficient. her strong position. I think that $42,000 a year tax increase has been shown to be wrong. I hate that. Biden notes it.

Biden notes no note on deregulation. Palen responds concerning about the taxes in AK.

Biden – and taxes. He talks of ‘fairness’. When middle/low class do well, the wealthy does well. Values to middle class.
Palen – brings up “redistribution of wealth” good one. Says Obama forgets about small businesses. Brings up the Biden patrioticness of paying taxes. Another zinger. She’s doing well.

health care: Palen explains it well. $5000 credit to families to buy their own insurance. Brings up the Obama “mandate” and govt running things. McCain wants to remove lines between states. Iliff tried to cut her off because she’s making sense.

Biden: Goes to oil companies regarding “redistribution”. 95% of business owners make < 250,000. That would be individual taxes, not business taxes dude. Where does mccain get the $5000 for health? by taxing employees. too many numbers. he’s lost me. Bridge to nowhere zinger. whatever.

q? what can’t be kept in the promises of the campaign because of economy
Biden – we can’t have the tax cuts of McCain. Huh? Can’t not spend on education and job training. Can’t not spend on health. Eliminate wastefulspending. 100 billion dollar tax dodge of off shore accounts. Unpatriotic
Palen – energy plan. Obama voted for it in 2005. Gave oil companies big tax breaks. Palen said no. (this is a truism – something to do with those tax breaks) These people “aren’t my biggest fans”. Good move Palen. She is doing VERY well!! Extemporanious.

Back to the question. What’s off the table. Palen admits she’s only been at this for 5 weeks so she’s not made promises she can’t keep. Doesn’t believe Mccain did either.
Biden goes to that energy bill. “separate votes on the tax breaks”. mcCain asked for 4billion (?) in tax breaks on oil companies. ?? Biden/Obama wanted windfall profits tax. Hopes Palen can get McCain on board.

McCain supported that credit law last year that made it more difficult to declare bankruptcy. Does she support.

Palen brings up fannie/freddie and reform. She doesn’t know the answer here. Brings up the standard words. This is where it gets ickier, but she’s done far better than other places I’ve heard.
Biden voted for the bankruptcy bill. Biden said only 10% of the people are effected. he and Obama disagreed. It’s complicated. Obama brought up the “subprime problem” 2 years ago. McCain “surprised” in dec on subprime problem.
YOWZER – Obama wants to renogiate mortgage rates AND principles?

Climate change. What’s true and what’s fault in regard to fault.
Palen – AK feels and sees the impacts. Palen doesn’t attribute for all things to man. Notes that real changes occur. Wants to affect change positively. With other nations. First govt to create a climate change sub cabinet. Want energy independance. As we rely on other places that don’t care about the climate we cause the problem. Good points all.
Biden – It’s clearly man made. Biggest fundemental difference. If you don’t know the cause how do you get to the solution. LOL Biden brings up clean coal!!! LOL

Iliff calls Biden on clean coal. Good one. She’s not doing bad herself for all the worry.

Q Do you support same sex benefits to couples like in AK?
Biden – yes we support it. Based on the constitution.
Palen doesn’t want to re-define marriage and sees that the whole thing could lead to this. Notes the nuances but wants traditional definition of marriage.
Biden doesn’t want to either but he brought up “marriage” a lot. Didn’t mention states re-defining marriage.

Q – Sons in or on way to Iraq. Exit strategy.
Palen – we have a plan with the surge/counter insurgency plan. Petraeus/McCain. The other tick opposed it. Opposed funding there. Biden called obama out on it. Palen respects him for him. Good one.
She couples Iraq with Afghanistan. She’s answered this well.

Q which is work nuked Iran or unstable Pakistan.
Biden focuses on Pakistan. He’s answered this question well and this is, as expected, where he’s showing the difference in the two.
Palen-focuses on Iran and does quotes from Ahmadinejad. Goes to the meeting without preconditions and notes poor judgement of Obama.

Q Secs of State advocate engagement with enemies.
Palen notes Kissinger’s diplomacy and talking with him recently and says that there is no way he would talk without preconditions. But diplomacy of course is fine.
Biden- tries to clarify that Obama didn’t say anything about sitting down with Ahmadinejad. LOL. Defensive again. Palen has gotten Biden to be defensive?!! Sorry kids, but I have to laugh at this. Can’t wait for the papers tomorrow to see how I’ve misread this.

Biden doesn’t like this administration’s plan for Israel. Whatever – we’re talking about a new ticket. Palen notes this. She is working to put govt to work for the people. Lots of respect thrown about.
I am sincerely impressed with her.

Biden. How is McCain going to be different from Bush. ?

Q when should nukes be put into play.

Palen – We use ours as a deterrent. Bad guys are not allowed to have them. (ps there is no way to answer this question)
Biden – “the surge” will not work in Afghanistan. ? What does this have to do with nukes. Sorry – I may have missed the question to him.

Q-Biden an interventionist. Including Darfur. Can American’s handle it?

Biden – Americans like to succeed. I wanted to help Bosnia. I voted for intervention. Biden didn’t want us in Iraq. He wanted more sanctions. Like Hillary. Biden doesn’t like to see genocide in Darfur. We can fix it. We need to. We should rally the world.

Palen – I’m such a DC outsider. You voted for the war, and now you are against it. Americans want straight talk. It WAS a war resolution. You agreed with McCain, but not Obama and now what? Darfur. We agree. support no fly and do what we can do. I have, as gov, used a savings fund to be divested out of Sudan so that we are not condoning what’s going on in Darfur. (not passed yet) Solid, clear. good.

What’s the line? When we go in?
Biden – 1) can we? 2) What are the new lines internationally? I didn’t support McCain. Palen is stoned. Ooh – he sounds defensive again.
Palen – Biden’s not really telling the truth. McCain can do what it takes. It’s been too long since the question.

Hmm – I keep losing a bunch of stuff.

Palen brings up main street
Biden responds. Palen returns with a cutie pie response that actually worked, I think. Emphasis on teaching/education.

Q What do VP’s do?
Palen jokes her way out of this very well and gives Biden credit for his lameness too.
Nice. Very nice. I like her.
Energy independance would be her thing along with families with kids of special needs. McCain has already tapped her.
Biden – McCain doesn’t support education. As VP he’d help get things done as point person for congress. Obama wants help with governing. He will give advice. Obama wanted independant judgement.

Q conventional wisdom
Discipline vs experience

Palen – thinks that her experience as an executive and expertise on energy and being a part of the heartland all count. Plus her ‘worldview’ counts. We – are an exceptional country. Unapologetic.
Biden – I’m not going to change. I also have too much passion and I too work towards change. He’s responding. She is being the stronger debator here.

Biden can’t let things go that need to be let go.
“I want to be called the maverick” “Why is McCain called the maverick? ” Me, me.

Final Q (May I add that Iliff has done just fine)
Can you think of an issue you changed your footing on.
Biden – judicial nominees. At first I thought you could only decide based on moral tupitude etc. Now he believe ideology also counts.
Palen – budgets. I caved on budgets more than I probably should of in order to get along. But she knew she didn’t have the support. She has not changed her principles. Instead she’s worked together without worrying about who gets the credit.

Q. How do you change the tone in DC as VP?
Biden – even McCain would agree that he works across the aisle. ( I have no idea)
“I don’t question people’s motives”. That allows for us to get along.
Palen – you do what I did as govt. You appt without regard to party affiliation. As long as we all work together is the bottom line. But the policies need to be good.

Closing statements:
Palen – pleasantries. Enjoys talking without the filters of the MSM. Remarks on the clear choice in front of people. We will fight for the American people. I know of the hurts/pains/problems AND joys! Freedom freedom freedom. We have to fight for it and pass it down.

Biden – pleasantries. This is the most important election. Brings up last 8 years. Need for fundamental change. Measured not through cutting deregulation, but whether folks can afford things and are guaranteed things. Respect.

Good debate.
I’ll have a recap of my thoughts later. or tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “The Debate

  1. Renegotiating how much you owe on your house? REALLY? So, maybe you can just decide that you paid too much, go back to the seller you bought it from 4-5 years ago and get your money back? GOOD GRIEF that is the most ridiculous comment I think I have EVER heard a politician make…my DOG knows more about buying a house than Biden does! I wish Palin would just unleash on him.

  2. THAT was funny with the moderator saying to Biden: ” at least that is what you said before”…ahem…meaning he is flip flopping now? Like a fish outta water!!?


    OK, whew. My bottom line is that right now, Democrats and Obama supporters are saying Joe Biden did OK. Republican and McCain supporters are saying she did very good and overcame all of the negativity hurled against her.

    After the families gathered on stage and Biden got in front of her, did you catch the creepy rubing of his left hand on her right upper arm? Very weird.

    Oh, now MSNBC is saying she “recited her way to victory” time for me to up the meds!

  4. MSM will give her no credit. Wash Post TV CRITIC was very begrudging. Have to agree with you and DD on the mortgage principle — I sat straight up and said WHAT are they talking about? Is Obama/Biden insane????? I also agree with SOB — much less cringeworthy than expected.

  5. If we can unilaterally rewrite our mortgage contracts if values drop or interest rises (maybe the same for any other loans) what are the chances of anyone getting a loan on anything? What happened to the terms legal and binding. Give me a break!!!

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