The Debate – McCain won. Hands down!

Question 1:
McCain loses. Why? He didn’t talk of the real problem and let Bush/Republicans get bashed in the process. Talk about Fannie/Freddie. Talk about easy credit insisted upon by Congress. What is the matter with him?

Now he’s onto pork. That’s not the problem right this second.

McCain is doing well on the tax thought.

Obama seems to think ‘businesses’ like GE and Ford are the standard business form. Small business is more common.

Ooh – McCain finally got tough on pork with the energy bill. He’s starting to point fingers which needs to be done.

What do these guys have to give up for rescue?

Obama doesn’t know. No clue what the budget is going to look like but he lists a bunch of programs anyway. College, science, health care, infrastructure, broadband, electricity, alternative energy.

McCain would cut spending. Examine all agencies. No more ethanol subsidies YAY! Defense spending which is out of control. Fixed cost contract in defense.
Mentions what he fixed and that he knows how. Doesn’t mention what’s stopped him in the last years.

Obama blames lobbyiest for writing the prescription drug bill and we need to get rid of them…but that is actually working!

McCain….spending freeze. Exceptions: defense, veterans. Pushes more energy in the line of nuclear and off shore, connecting this with sending money overseas right now. Good move. OOH, he brings up working with Hillary.
Obama….wants more early childhood education, save on medicare and Iraq.

McCain doesn’t want to hand health care over to the federal govt. Give it to families. Good, straight forward.
Maybe McCain isn’t doing so bad after all.

Q3 – Lessons of Iraq
McCain learned them.
Obama stood up and protested in one speech 6 years ago when he had no influence. Al-Qaeda is stronger since 2001?? In what universe?

Obama admits that Petraeus and our troops did brilliantly.

Slam!! “Obama doesn’t know the difference between a tactic and a strategy.”
Brings up the cut off of funds vote.

16months we should “reduce our combat troops”. A far cry from everyone home Obama!
Obama is sounding very defensive here.

Moving to Afghanistan:
Obama wants a “surge” in Afghanistan. ? Of NATO or the US?
-more troops
-press Afghan govt
-deal with the poppy trade
-deal with Pakistan

McCain says he wouldn’t “threaten” Pakistan like Obama would with his cutoff of aid and threatening of strikes.
McCain is GOOD on foreign affairs.

McCain is cleaning Obama’s clock on the “big picture”.

Good point by McCain. If Iraq fails there will be an effect on Afghanistan. True, so true.

Q4 – Threat from Iran.

McCain sees a threat to Israel and the region (everyone will want one). McCain mentions his ‘League of Democracies’. Certainly a better idea than the UN. The idea being to use actual sanctions. No word on how you get France to not backdoor deal things. Points out that Obama didn’t want to vote to say that the Republican Guard is a terrorist organization.

Obama says that “he’s said significantly” that the Guard is a threat. Blames Iraq situation for strengthening Iran. Won’t tolerate a nuclear Iran. What’s he going to do? Tougher sanctions but wants cooperation with China and Russia. He’s also use tough direct diplomacy. Oooh – I thought he had backed down out of that.

Obama going on about negotiations and axis of evil. What exactly did the Clinton/N Korea agreement do? Says Kissinger said that President should meet directly with these evil presidents.

McCain – Mentions that he doesn’t have a seal yet, but that Kissinger never said that the President should sit. YAY mentions the Albright visit to N Korea.

Q5 Russia – How do you see the relationship?

Obama – Entire Russian approach to be re-evaluated. [I’m pretty sure McCain wouldn’t have to re-evaluate] Affirm all the fledgling Democracies. (including the Poles. Are they fledgling?)

McCain – Obama didn’t originally understand who Russia was to start with. McCain sees that the Georgia/Russia has to do with energy/oil. Obama never mentioned it. Point to McCain. and he pronounced the President’s name in Georgia nicely.

McCain has traveled to a lot of places. He keeps saying “I went there”. Good for him. He notes that the Russian’s have not lived up to their agreements. McCain “sounds” good on this issue.

Obama: “What he said.” “Ooh and I called for a billion dollars to send to Georgia”
By the way. Alternative energy will save these situations. We need to send money on this.

McCain: Moves on to energy. Off Shore and Nuclear.
The Lugar situation. McCain supported Lugar back in the 90s concerning nuclear fuel. Obama and Lugar had some weird deal there. i forget what it is.

Q6 – Likliehood of another 911 type attack on the US

McCain: Brings up the 911 bipartisan commission that the administration opposed. McCain passed it and he’s proud of it. Most of the reforms recommended are there.

Obama: says we have a long way to go. We haven’t done enough with transit/ports. Biggest threat is a suitcase. Hmmmmm? Wants more money for nuclear proliferation. I must have heard that wrong. Go to root cause of Afghanistan/Pakistan. What about all those educated jihadists in Germany?
“We’re less respected in the world now than then”. (not sure when)

McCain continues to talk to Obama like he’s a kid. Obama still “doesn’t understand” how defeat in Iraq will affect everything.

Obama thinks that 100% of resources have gone to Iraq. ?? I think Bush mulitasks actually. China is in all places we are not. We’re weakened because of Iraq. Because we view everything through the single lens of Iraq. Hmmmm. Doesn’t he sound like someone who’s looking at everything through the lens of Iraq? He even brings up funding for health care.
“No one’s talking about losing this war”. Um – he was.

McCain: Doesn’t believe that Obama has enough knowledge to run this country. We’ve seen the stubborness before with Bush and notes that Obama won’t acknowledge that he was wrong on things. Good point.
McCain points out that Veterans know that he’ll take care of them. Plus he has the ability/judgement/knowledge. No on the job training needed.

Obama: Back to our uninspiring reputation. Our job is to “send a message” to the world. This is in response to McCain’s dis on Foreign affairs? What a goof. Please don’t make him President!

Parting words:
McCain can heal the wounds of war and can deal with foreign affairs.

HAH – Obama’s last words were on the “sending a message to the world”.

ROUNDUP: McCain I think clearly won this one noting that Obama “still doesn’t understand”.
Obama said tons of “me too” and “I get the European vote” “McCain is just like Bush” – sounds like sound bit.
McCain sounded Presidential,
Obama sounded like a Democrat, only a naive Democrat. McCain didn’t slam Obama on a ton of points I would have touched on. Obama looked very defensive to me. And he got crankly while McCain didn’t.

McCain’s mention of this economic bailout would be the end of the beginning was a smart realistic thing to say. Americans need to be ready and he treated us like adults. Whereas Obama treated us like people he can’t convince.

9 thoughts on “The Debate – McCain won. Hands down!

  1. ughhhh…. this is just hard to watch…soooo awkward in dialogue and sooo contrived in format…Lehrer trying to dangle raw meat in between two lame hyenas…ok that’s not a great analogy, but my squirm-o-meter is off the dial.

  2. I agree with SOB — can’t take debates, but can’t miss them either. I do think McCain is cleaning his clock on the substance of the foreign policy Qs — but Obama is one smooth character.

  3. Obama just made it sound like the root cause of Al Queda was Afghanistan…does he have a clue? They have moved from Afghanistan to Yemen to Sudan to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Iraq to wherever. He’s way way wrong.

  4. OK, I watched debate with a bud who is also a vet and McCain supporter, we generally agreed. We thought the economics first 40 minutes was pretty much a draw, McCain didn’t explain his reasons for the on again/off again campaign, and Obama scored no big points.

    Foriegn policy/national security (FP/NS), i thought McCain won 70/30 and will go along way to reassure those folks in “flyover country” he’s ready, Obama not so. No angry old man scene, but his lack of looking at Obama could be seen different ways, we think, McCain just thinks he’s a punk.
    For a first term Senator, Obama has come up to speed very quickly on the intricasies of FP/NS fairly well and I hate to say it, he would clean Governor Palins clock. Good news, Joe “Gaffeomatic/can’t stop talking” Biden is the debater against her.

    With all the drama this week and expectations, I think McCain will get a very slight bump among real independants, polls be damned (I just think they suck anymore) but I think we’re looking at a close one till the very end.

    This does not bode well for Obama given our election history and the fact that so many are angry at the Bush Adminsitration and yet, Obama is not above 50%.

    Based on al this, I predict a McCain/Palin victory of ~ 290 Electoral votes.

    Coastwatcher Out!

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  6. I’m not sure why the imagery of Obama vs Palin came to mind. McCain would clean Biden’s clock head to head.

    After reading tons of columns/blogs on this this morning it looks like most people came away with what they were feeling to start with.

    Having made up my mind earlier, I don’t have the capacity to envision what an undecided would have thought. Plus my tv screen wasn’t showing the faces clearly enough to get a sense of McCain’s sneers or Obama’s looking aways as a defensive move.

  7. McCain was the wiser candidate, that was a fact. But the rock-star liberal illuminati won because of their popularity.

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