The “Debate”

I had to go with that title, because JK basically stole my own title and post. (ps – he did this before, yes, before I posted. He must be reading my mind is all I can figure. scary.)


He’s right. It was an awesome nondebate. Rick Warren did great at treating each candidate respectfully and fairly. He didn’t go for the stupid “Why did you take the flag pin off?” type questions.

We learned a lot about each candidate and they both did very well in their own ways.
As JK said, after Obama left the stage I assumed he won. When McCain got on I kept waiting for a problem but he didn’t have one. When he left the stage it was clear he had won.

Clearly McCain has a lifetime of experiences to draw on. Obama has the “on the other hand” way of thinking that is very appealing to a lot of people. I suspect that for a President, most people will be looking for a decisive person who doesn’t wallow in the intricacies of every single perspective out there. But we’ll see.

A few specifics

I was very happy to see McCain share some very personal stories. Not only in Vietnam but when he opposed Reagan over placing the marines in Lebanon or the failure of his first marriage.

I think Obama was honest and not just being grateful/thankful when he said that he would rely on his wife for guidance. Good? Bad? You decide.

McCain was clear that to him life begins at conception. I’m a bit of a stickler on this with people, because theoretically this would mean that he would outlaw hormonal birth control. (conception = when the egg is fertilized. Hormonal birth control disallows this fertilized egg from implanting itself and hence no pregnancy. It all happen post conception though.)
I know McCain has to go for the clear answer without the “nuance”, and no one wants to hear the science, but he stated “Life begins at Conception.” Period. There is no nuance in that answer but I suspect there is some in the results and I want to know more.

Obama’s answer was definitely more nuanced. What I don’t get is why he can’t come out and be clear that
-yes, there are problems defining when life begins, and
-yes, we want fewer unwanted pregnancies, but
NO, the government should not be interfering with what a woman does with her own self.

Obama nuanced himself right around that by focusing on the baby/fetus vs the woman. Here is Obama’s response to the question(s) concerning this.

Obama nuanced himself out of good and evil also. Yes evil does come from wanting to do good sometimes but,……… yeah? (See the crusades, Salem witch [sp fixed] hunts, Native “conversions”.)

McCain was crystal clear that evil was not us. Osama bin Laden thinks he’s doing good by eventually converting the world to Islam.
-Obama would see that. Nuance.
-McCain doesn’t give a rip. Osama is evil. No nuance.

So we’ll see. It was a very good juxtaposition. This election will say a lot about the electorate these days. At least I hope so. I hope that people care enough to learn a little something about these 2 men and vote for whom they think will be the better president.

For me – John McCain and his version.

Now, go read JK,
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  1. Thanks for the link and kind words. I thought it was an illuminating couple of hours, and that it would promote the issues/ideological comparisons that you and I would prefer if everybody watched that — even over a conventional debate.

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