The Crisis

I’ll be out of town for the next three days with only spotty internet connection so this “crisis” is going to have to go on without me. With any luck I’ll be back to blog the VP debate.

In the meantime…..I hate to laugh but what kind of dire emergency bordering on the Great Depression is it when Pelosi takes the time to pound Republicans with an idiotic speech BEFORE the big vote so she can insult those whose votes she been asking for?

And what kind of dire emergency bordering on the Great Depression is it when the first version of said bill had such pork out the wazoo?

And now the BIG news is this: Oil PLUNGES $10/barrel

Let’s try a new scenario. All those “bad loans” were done when oil was cheaper. They’ve gone bad as people on the edge already had the price of oil go up over their means.

Now with the price of oil going down due to the shakiness of markets, these same people can pay what they owe.

Hmmm. Maybe the best answer IS a do nothing Congress.

(she says from a position of having read one book on economics in her life)

In many ways – whatever happens, I hope the GOP kicks ass once something is passed or passed over. Right now they at least are trying the old “diplomacy” that the left admires. I really hope they eventually take their gloves off. And frankly, if McCain is to lose – I wouldn’t mind at all if he went ahead and lost it at a debate and ripped a new one for the whole left.

One thought on “The Crisis

  1. The GOP were against this bailout in the beginning, with the exception of Bush. Now the left-wing illuminati have more seats in Congress, so it will be more bailouts from here on out.

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