The Colorado Re-call(s)

The Governor seems to think those “outside influences” worked to mess with people’s heads here in CO to where we just voted in protest of Bloomberg.

I believe differently.

Tonight at Millers Grille you can hear the guy who kicked off the re-calls in his own words.
Liberty on the Rocks!

Keith Coniglio, Luke Wagner, and Nick Andrasik from The Basic Freedom Defense Fund and the Recall John Morse campaign will share the stage with Victor Head from Pueblo Freedom and Rights and the Recall Angela Giron campaign.

Victor Head is our Special Guest at Miller’s Bar & Grille. In the days of multi-million dollar campaigns that protect and shield politicians from the consequences of their votes, it is refreshing that one (formerly non-political) man and his family can stand up and do the right thing. Victor Head, the Colorado Native and Plumber took down Angela Giron, who won her district by 10pts but refused to listen to constituents and voted for poorly-written and dangerous laws. Be active, get involved, or donate – but come enjoy a night of inspiration with like-minded folks!

Liberty On The Rocks – Flatirons
Lafayette, Colorado 80026

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