The Cliff

It’s pretty impossible to negotiate when your opponent knows you are a reasonable man and will do anything, anything, to avoid the cliff itself.

If you think Speaker Boehner is a champion of limited government, you are wrong. But if you think that there is no reason to take his side against the President’s on taxing and spending — you are wronger than all of them put together.

Obama wants the cliff. Everything after the cliff will get blamed on Republicans who will finger point until they are gone. We are going over unless Boehner agrees to the exact terms Obama wanted at the start (which would be impossible for him to say no to).

The question becomes, what next?
Obama may kill off the party, but he can’t kill the ideas. (can he?)
Obviously the right is tired now. And disappointed and cranky about the election. There is a bit of “hell – who needs it” going on.
What next? Another tea party rising? Or do we really hit rock bottom here and go so far under that the country becomes Greece.
I don’t know, but Ayn Rand sure does look pretty prescient these days as I sit in my own malaise too.