The Cartoons

Still in a hurry but Tigerhawk has a great post that also links to Jeff Goldstein. Read them both.

Along with Vodkapundit and Tim Blair, and Officer’s Club who’s take is:

This episode outlines what happens when you “ain’t gonna study war no more.” Who is “humiliated” here? -The Arab street, or the Dutch, who just got bitch-slapped on national TV? Their embassies were burned- an act of war- over cartoons! That should be intolerable on the world stage. A line should be drawn here, and Syria should pay. If the Dutch government hadn’t strayed far off the trail of NATO protectionism, maybe it could do what Jimmy Carter failed to do in 1979- militarily respond to an act of war.

The Arab street, the myth of which was stabbed to death after OIF I, and then buried decisively after we took Fallujah, needs to take a few notes here. First off is that if you want to be respected on the world stage, you have to act like grown-ups. If the international media would stop coddling these people, maybe progress could be made. Instead, the Noble Savage meme is rolled out, and it becomes ok to riot, burn stuff, kidnap foreigners who look European, and call for further incitement of violence. This seems like a never-ending cycle until another country is invaded, or the region needs the US’s help again.

UPDATE: from Iraq the Model