The Bush Doctrine and the Surge

A very excellent post by Jeff Goldstein in response to a commentator there.

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And for a bonus, here’s a good comment from dicentra left there.

Again, if we withdraw from Iraq, bin Ladin will be vindicated by his victory, just as he was “vindicated” when his mujahedeen “toppled” the USSR in the late 80s. It served as a recruiting tool then, and it would serve as a recruiting tool now to “win” in Iraq.

Furthermore, many on the left pooh-pooh the lost credibility argument, but they don’t seem to know what that means. It doesn’t mean saving face. It means the ability to make your enemies know that you’re not making idle threats when you tell them to knock it off.

Because if we withdraw from Iraq, after that, we will say, “you guys had better stop it or….”

And they’ll reply, “…or what? You’ll depose a hated tyrant, stir things up a bit, kill a few of us, then leave the country in such chaos that the people beg us to impose order? Please, please, Unca Sam, don’t throw us into that briar patch!”