The Blame Game

Saudi Arabia blames zionists for the destruction of the Golden Mosque in Samarra.
(while US forces kill the guy the rest of us knew as a perpetrator)
(who happened to work for Saddam before switching to alQaeda along with other ex govt workers there)

Mark Steyn blames Saudi Arabia for free press censorship in the UK.

Senator McCain blames congress for the bridge collapse in MN while Captain Ed blames McCain for spreading outrageous ideas amidst the dead.

An Arab News reporter blames the Koreans for their own kidnapping and blames their church for being so money hungry that they sent this group to Afghanistan in order to make money.

John Edwardsblames Hillary for taking lobbyists money and making Democrats just as bad as Republicans. (while Hillary actually doesn’t sound so bad by defending special interests of being made up of people with interests!)

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