The Big Disconnect

The big disconnect is between “saving the planet” and “what is actually needed to save the planet, assuming it’s in big trouble”.

First, let’s look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Take note of the first 2 items at the bottom. Your basic physiological needs of food/water/sex and then move on up to security and health. You’ve got a ways to go with the basics before you get to caring about not only other human beings, but caring about other species and living things, let alone carbon.

Currently, according to the gloom and doomers, with the economy chugging along, people are concerned about paying their mortgages while paying for the gas to get to their jobs to pay for their mortgages to keep a roof over their heads and food in their guts.

They no longer have time to pay for organic/nicely raised foods or to choose the option to pay extra for wind power on their energy bills. The result?

Greener living.

But paradoxically, just as Britain is turning its back on the environment, the country is finally becoming greener. Fewer people are moving house so they are buying fewer new white goods such as washing machines and fridges. They may not be queueing up for £9 organic Poilâne bread, but for the first time in a decade they are discarding less food. They buy less impulsively and think more carefully before their weekly shop. Children are wearing hand-me-down uniforms rather than new ones made in sweatshops.

Bottled water sales have fallen. Garden centres have reported a 10 per cent rise in the sales of vegetable seeds in the past 12 months. People are saving money by growing their own potatoes and carrots. They are turning off their central heating for a few more months of the year and ditching their second car rather than buying an electric runaround. And instead of carbon-offsetting their holidays, they are simply going on fewer of them.

So while Obama is pushing for higher energy prices, humans are taking care of their own needs first and just looking for a little understanding which is coming from John McCain and the right.

First deal with your first order needs, then start looking around you to protect the planet. So while yes, people are living “greener” without all the hullaballo with worms in the kitchen and an extra sweater in the winter, they’d rather live green by choice than by need. Go McCain.

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  1. Very interesting..but I didn’t see “sex” specifically on the list….is that a bit of projection on our part of a need they didn’t list?

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