The Big Debate

Vodkapundit gives the play by play.

My thoughts: This was the first Democratic debate I saw and a few things struck me.
1) Obama’s policy ideas aren’t much different than Clinton’s, so I’m not sure how she can claim he’s all hat. He didn’t sound any more empty to me than any other politician. But then again, I’m a swooning girl.
He’s so smooooooth. Seriously, he thought on his feet, while Clinton made certain she got certain lines in.

2) Obama did very well at trying to hold the Democrat party together. He’s the only one who brought up McCain and he gave Clinton the benefit of many doubts. He also made some motions about being “centrist” vs an outright socialist. That probably won’t stand in the general but it was a hand out to independents.

3) Clinton has whined more than once about how tiring campaigning is. No one likes a whiner. It wouldn’t matter if it was her voice or a deep male voice. She’s complaining about doing something she has chosen to do. Shut up. (this in regards to her “it’s hard to have fun on the campaign trail” line. [paraphrased])

4) Add in another whine about SNL and feeling “trapped” when asked about Putin’s successor and you have a person really wants to be the President without having to go through all the hard stuff to get there. Not a winning line. Especially when Obama is saying more than once he understands that sometimes that’s how hard campaigns go.

Clinton is over. The good news is that without her in the running we’re actually going to get a real person for President again. I have a lot of respect for Obama even though I won’t be voting for him. The country is not going to fall into tiny little bits if he wins. Yes, there will be changes

Powerline doesn’t underestimate the man.

Obama’s appeal lies, in part, in his ability to make liberalism seem palatable. Unlike Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, he is generally not shrill or hectoring. He comes across as calm and reasonable. In this, he really does resemble Ronald Reagan.

Exactly. Obama is likable. I’d be happy to argue with him on policy and I suspect he’d listen. (assuming I knew what I was talking about) Hillary would pat me on the head and John would call me names.

UPDATE You’ll want to read this about race baiting in this race. By Obama’s camp.

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