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This AP story has gotten hilarious. They have been making up rules about what amount of content can be used in linked stories. After that story went over the top, they jumped the shark. Yesterday they decided to start charging for use of their content.

A groups of links to keep the fun going:

Michelle Malkin would like her money from the AP for all the times they have used her content. She’s figuring about $132,000.

Patterico is owed too.

So am I going to be an ass and threaten to charge them, or sue them, or demand that they remove the quotes? Of course not. They benefited from my content and I benefited from their link.

Just like when the Drudge Retort quoted them.

And I’m going to go on quoting AP stories, within fair use guidelines.

And if they start threatening me, I’ll have to remind them that they did the same to me.

While some are refusing to link to any more AP stories, Scott has a new system. He’ll just copy the whole dang thing. It’ll save him the trouble of counting words and figuring out what they’re worth.

The most important question in all of this comes from a commenter at Hot Air.

If you buy words from a story by AP that turns out to be of defective quality or enemy propaganda presented as truth, what is their refund policy? Do you get your money back if the story is fake? Or maybe free words from some story in the future that is true? How long do you have to wait for a true story to appear?

What about fake photos? If AP foists some photoshopped photos from some terrorist sympathizer on you as absolutely true, do you get your money back?

I’ve got a lot of questions about this.

Tantor on June 17, 2008 at 11:30 PM

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  1. I like the way they think- getting a refund if they have, YET AGAIN, failed to verify a source, or, if what they reported actually happened, or if they have hundreds of photoshopped faux photos…..

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