Thanksgiving Week News Dump and the IRS

Six months after a massive IRS scandal where this giant Federal bureaucracy was caught holding up conservative applications for 501C status in order to purposefully aid President* Obama we know that there is no evidence of any type of fix.

However, in order to double dog do the deed we now find our President* suggesting new rules that will make it harder for nonprofits to involve themselves in politics. (What, leaving only the profitable enterprises? And that’s better?)

The Obama administration moved Tuesday to limit the expansive role that nonprofit groups play in politics, proposing a regulation that would rein in ­certain tax-exempt organizations that have been able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in recent elections without revealing their donors.

Under the proposed rule, groups such as Crossroads GPS, co-founded by GOP strategist Karl Rove, and the Democratic-allied League of Conservation Voters would no longer be able to claim some of their routine activities as part of their work as “social welfare” organizations.

They are calling this a “fix”. A fix to too much money in campaigns? No. A fix to the IRS targeting conservative (read Tea Party, or Patriot) groups looking for tax free status.

One other thing to note. Apparently the problem is all that secret money that no one knows where it came from:

But the initiative was largely cheered by campaign finance reform advocates as an important effort to limit the use of secret money in campaigns.

And what happens when a conservative openly gives money to a conservative group? You’all remember this Kim Strassel story:

Mr. VanderSloot is the Obama target who in 2011 made a sizable donation to a group supporting Mitt Romney. In April 2012, an Obama campaign website named and slurred eight Romney donors. It tarred Mr. VanderSloot as a “wealthy individual” with a “less-than-reputable record.” Other donors were described as having been “on the wrong side of the law.”

This was the Obama version of the phone call—put out to every government investigator (and liberal activist) in the land.

Twelve days later, a man working for a political opposition-research firm called an Idaho courthouse for Mr. VanderSloot’s divorce records. In June, the IRS informed Mr. VanderSloot and his wife of an audit of two years of their taxes. In July, the Department of Labor informed him of an audit of the guest workers on his Idaho cattle ranch. In September, the IRS informed him of a second audit, of one of his businesses. Mr. VanderSloot, who had never been audited before, was subject to three in the four months after Mr. Obama teed him up for such scrutiny.

The last of these audits was only concluded in recent weeks. Not one resulted in a fine or penalty. But Mr. VanderSloot has been waiting more than 20 months for a sizable refund and estimates his legal bills are $80,000. That figure doesn’t account for what the president’s vilification has done to his business and reputation.

Read the whole thing again just for fun.

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