Teach Your Children

Teach them what normal behavior is. Teach them to respect themselves while expecting others to respect them too.
Teach them to never put themselves under another’s thumb where they are in need of their icky help and requirements. Teach them that fame and power and money are not as important as integrity. Teach them that judging others, while it’s God’s job, is also a requirement of deciding who and who not to follow/admire/befriend. Love people like Weinstein for being a child of God, but for safety’s sake, steer clear and speak up for others.

Remind them that while young, others will want to adjust that integrity to their own purposes and that it may or may not need to change, but to remember that there will be pressure as they mature. Be strong.

It’s hard. I’m older and it’s a lot less hard.
Those Hollywood actors/actresses over the age of 30 who have been lecturing the rest of us lo all these years…..I’ll stay away from them too.

Powerline on the subject.
They’re right. Clinton is the number 1 Weinstein. And Hillary his enabler. His office help that would create the setup. I continue to be happy they are not within shouting distance of the White House.

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