Defining People

I’ve had something in the back of my head bugging me for a while now and it’s slowly coming to fruition. You think back to the French Revolution or the current antifa riots or the campus heckler’s vetoes and it stems from a group of people who think everyone needs to think their way.

And their way can change depending upon where you stand. You can join the “group” (whatever group) but as soon as you waver on something, or look at someone funny, you will be condemned. This video is of a white guy who is apparently strong supporter of antifa, getting condemned. My guess is he probably thought he had a shot with that woman and she had no polite way in her handbag of tricks of turning him down. Best to condemn him.

This all comes from defining people.

A friend on fb posted this article on the “right” and it’s downfall. In the process it interchanges the right with conservatives incorrectly.

During the 2016 election, conservatives turned on the principles that had once animated them. Somehow a movement based on real ideas—such as economic freedom and limited government—had devolved into a tribe that valued neither principle nor truth; luminaries such as Edmund Burke and William F. Buckley Jr. had been replaced by media clowns such as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Sorry – conservatives did not elect Trump even though they probably voted for him in the end.

But I digress.
Back to definitions of people. Camille Paglia is suggesting that gender dysphoria is a fad. I don’t disagree, but basically it’s the fad of making sure you have a definition in your life to live like. Define yourself! I am a woman. Ok – now what does that mean? I don’t often wear makeup or heels. I am a horrible flirt, have a lower voice and enjoy what many consider boy things….camping, playing with the dog, thinking through engineering problems, manual labor. I also love to dance and sing and sometimes play board games. Girl? Boy? My parts say I’m all woman so who are you to decide what a woman is that could potentially make me dysphoric? I call bull. “You” are defining me.

Here’s an article entitled Why are Americans Obsessed with buying Organic. Once again some author looked around the neighborhood and defined “Americans”. They seemed to be obsessed with buying organic. Ok – I’m pretty certain most Americans do not buy organic. Walmart is a pretty busy shopping place and while they have a shelf of organics, plenty of shoppers, shop for price. So who is this America?

And finally today we get this article about muscles and aging. (I like variety in my examples so you can see the trend!)

In the article is suggests that society looks down on the muscular. Um – not in my world. Show me a Navy Seal and I’ll assume top quality intellectual fighting machine. Not big dumb oaf.

A variety of social forces extradited muscle from respectable mainstream health. Muscularity once suggested physical labor and therefore a lower class station. More recently body builders hijacked the mesomorphic, minting steroid-fueled Rodin caricatures that were anything but a model of health.

Muscle also has been perceived as anti-intellectual. In the organ kingdom, it is the antithesis of the exalted brain, as in brain or brawn. It is our brain that distinguishes us from the great apes. Even within the muscle category one finds a hierarchy. Cardiac muscle appeared to carry none of skeletal muscle’s stigma. Academics might have jogged, meatheads pumped iron.

I suppose in the end if you are going to write you need to make these broad statements about stuff in order to make a stand, but I would posit this is not the way I thought we were headed back in my day as people were freed from societal constraints to be their own person.
Bring back the old days, says the aging woman in typical old person fashion!

(ht on all articles is Maggie’s farm who provides such a great digest of reading material every day that it usually covers all my needs.)