Syria – and on it goes

We have a brand new red line. This time in one week. I think by then the UN report will be back, but I don’t think John Kerry thinks that’s important. Kerry is saying that 100% of our intel says Assad ordered this attack.

Kerry also said he had no doubt that Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in east Damascus on 21 August, saying that only three people are responsible for the chemical weapons inside Syria – Assad, one of his brothers and a senior general. He said the entire US intelligence community was united in believing Assad was responsible.

Believable? 100%? I think not.

But being lied to is something we’re getting used to and now for more lies, Obama is going to unleash Susan Rice on the public again. yippee.

As John Fund says:

Her credibility is, to use a diplomatic term, limited.

In other news Syrian Rebels – oh don’t worry, it’s not the good Syrian Rebels, but the bad Syrian Rebels, overran a Christian town and forced people to “convert”. Don’t worry – the moderates, once we’ve bombed the government forces, will make them (the bad rebels) change their tactics soon enough. Right? Sorry – still not buying it.

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