I generally think that those in charge of whatever are “smarter” than me. Or rather, I LIKE to think this. It keeps me sane and respectful. This is especially true when it comes to those in charge of the whole world.

However – Obama is a moron who is so narcissistic that he thinks because he holds this office, that means everyone has to listen to him.
He watched over the Bush years and saw that “the world” even though they didn’t like Bush, they still mostly went along with him, so surely if that monkey can get his way, then this is easy.

But it’s not. It takes smart people all around you. It takes strong leadership and decision making. Bush wrote his book and called it “Decision Points” because it was important to him to share HOW he made the decisions he made because that’s mostly where you would have gone too.
That isn’t at all important to Obama.
This is from a guy who works for him, as house armed services chairman, Buck McKeon.

I told him yesterday, he needs to go to the American people. He’s the one that’s elected by everybody. He needs to look in the camera, look them right in the eye, and tell them how he made the decision. That didn’t sit too well with him. He said, ‘You know, it’s not just the president, you guys have to go out and basically sell it, too, it’s more than just the president.’ But then, I talked to him about, ‘you need to tell them how you made the decision. They need to understand. You’re the one that has all the facts, all the information, and they need to understand how you came to this decision.’ That bothered him a little bit, too.

Now either Mr. McKeon thinks this is a complement to his boss, or people are jumping ship and making certain they don’t take themselves down too.

I love this description of America from Jonah Goldberg:

Like a guard dog that would rather not leave the porch, we are quick to anger but not necessarily quick to fight, and we are just as eager to forgive.

That sounds like us. With a different leader. I just hope the world can see the difference and that Americans can see the difference and NEVER EVER elect a man on his hopes again. Read the whole column as he is concluding that Obama is a moron too.

I loved this [tangent – in no way have I ever thought we should await the UN to do anything, but under this President with his big Presidential UN ideals and his clear lack of leadership, I kind of do]:

Speaking on the sidelines of the G-20 summit, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon offered his sharpest criticism of potential military action in Syria. While not referring directly to U.S. plans for a military strike, Ban made it clear that such action could be counterproductive.

“I must warn that ill-considered military action could cause serious and tragic consequences, and with an increased threat of further sectarian violence,” Ban said. “We should explore ways to avoid further militarization of the conflict and revitalize the search for a political settlement instead.”

This post has no coherent thread mostly because I got distracted in the middle of it…..but read the links, and read this one too on not blaming Bush.

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