Surrender Dems – from guestblogger, Coastwatcher

The spectacle playing out right now between Senator Harry Reid (backed up by Senator Levin) and our military leaders is indicative of the Democratic Party in general and the so called Netroots who are driving this issue and this is hurting our chances for success in Iraq by feeding the fire of the enemy. But apparently unknown to these surrenderistas in the Democratic Party, this will hurt them politically in the next election cycle and in the long term. Notice the deafening silence from Hillary as she desperately avoids commenting on Iraq other than saying “we’ll withdraw when I’m President” sort of like Nixon’s secret plan for Vietnam.

So far this election cycle, we’ve seen two masterly produced videos, the first a remake of an Apple ad with a woman hurling a sledgehammer at a screen of Hillary speaking to a zombie like audience. The second released a few days ago, shows an attractive gal singing the praises of Barrack Obama. Both are fresh and hip and show some of this new media power. But if I was Republican, I would be prepping videos for the upcoming election. One, would be a series of short clips of Hillary’s speeches showing her all over the map triangulating her Iraq position, she quite literally has taken every side possible to include decrying a timetable, which she now adamantly spouts to keep those on her left satiated.

With the recent attacks on our military leaders, together with Reid’s and Pelosi’s earlier declarations of defeat, along with the likes of so-called military supergenius Murtha, they have carved out a position of defeat and more so one of retreat. If I were a conservative “operative” (that fave word of those with the Valerie Plame vapors) I would be quietly buying up video from the fall of Saigon, coupled with video of the boat people fleeing South Vietnam, and the death camps of Pol Pot in Cambodia. With software, I would be prepping videos of Reid and Pelosi in the cockpit of a Huey lifting off the rooftop. As the tanks break through the walls of the US Embassy and the Palace in Saigon, I would cut to images of the smiling Democratic leadership talking about earmarks as the scroll below shows the number of dead following the Congressional (read Democratic controlled) abandonment of our Allies in South Vietnam.

Folks, this is not about politics, not about left vs right. You can call for honest appraisals of the war without slipping a knife into the back of our military leaders. You can ask them very tough questions without giving aid and comfort to the enemy. But in their near glee at the “President’s” war defeat, the Dem leadership is showing their inability to be trusted with the defense of our nation. Read Medal of Honor recipient and former Senator Bob Kerry’s words in a recent Oped: With these facts on the scales, what does your conscience tell you to do? If the answer is nothing, that it is not our responsibility or that this is all about oil, then no wonder today we Democrats are not trusted with the reins of power.

If there is another attack on this country, the Left will scream it was orchestrated by President Bush. The Right will call for a response, and the center will look to be kept safe. They won’t look left.

Coastwatcher Out

3 thoughts on “Surrender Dems – from guestblogger, Coastwatcher

  1. I just have to love the historical references. Not a bad strategy, if I do say so.
    I think the Democrat’s as a whole are acting in a suicidal manner. But, that’s just me.

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