Today in Spiegel is a story that in Amsterdam they are going to conduct a “study” to find out why Moroccons are bashing gays there.

This month, Mayor Job Cohen commissioned the University of Amsterdam to conduct a study on the motives behind the hate crimes. Half of the crimes were committed by men of Moroccan origin and researchers believe they felt stigmatized by society and responded by attacking people they felt were lower on the social ladder. Another working theory is that the attackers may be struggling with their own sexual identity.

Two theories, neither one of which mention that Moroccan men and in particular Moroccan male gay bashers may well be fundamentalist Muslims who are given the sanctioned “ok to bash gays” by their counterparts in Iran and Saudi Arabia.



And in Africa, (I’m not sure where) the BBC is reporting that scientists are finding a group of topi antelope acting in unexpected ways. The males are picking about where they put their thing and the females are agressively looking for that same thing.
A scientist from the Zoological society of London notes:

Dr Bro-Jorgensen said: “We may not have our eyes open to the fact that opposite sexual conflicts may occur more commonly than we think.


This is a problem with science. We look to prove the expected. Anything else must be an anomoly.

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